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Eglise Notre Dame - Agencourt

Heritage from Agencourt

The church of Agencourt is classified Historical Monument since 1922. It dates from XIIIth century as appeared romanesque art in Burgundy.

Outside :
The church has a moulding typical in Nuits-Saint-Georges ‘s region.  Indeed, churches of Gerland, Premeaux, and Nuits-Saint-Georges (Saint Symphorien Church) has the same one.
But the Agencourt church has the characteristic to have a bell-tower with arch and outside bells. This sort of bell-tower is really unusual in Burgundy.
The original roof, dating from XIIIth century, has been burnt in XVth or XVIth century. The framework has certainly been removed by Claude Boillot, master carpenter who has been buried in the church in 1655. On his funerary paving stone we can see an axe, a compass and aset square. It is surprising to see that the carpenter imitated the style of XIIIth-century-framework that we can also see in the cellar of Clos de Vougeot.

Inside :
Inside, the nave has a two-stair-frontage, a choir with flat-chevet and lighted by small romanesque windows.
During a restoration in 1977, frescos dating from XVth century has been discovered under a XVIIIth century distemper.


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Eglise Notre Dame - Agencourt
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Eglise Notre Dame - Agencourt - Agencourt Eglise Notre Dame - Agencourt - Agencourt Eglise Notre Dame - Agencourt - Agencourt