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Ferme Fortifiée - Argilly

Heritage from Argilly

In XVIth century, as religious buildings, mills, bridges, and houses, farms were also protected.Buildings are brought together and are opened on a central courtyard. This one is closed by a big gate and a a ditch isolates the set. When the defence is made by a wall, this one has turets and watchtower. A farm can be quickly in status of defence : courtyards, gardens and orchard’s fence are used as first line. After, defenders can take refuge in building after having barricaded doors with soil. The house can be linked with other building by a covered hedge in order to allowed the defender to protect it until the end.


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Ferme Fortifiée - Argilly
1, rue de la Cure
21700 - Argilly

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Ferme Fortifiée - Argilly - Argilly Ferme Fortifiée - Argilly - Argilly