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Château - Villers-la-Faye

Heritage from Villers-la-Faye

The 15th-century-castle of Villers-la-Faye was protected by moats which are now filled, and it had 4  circular towers. Only one remains. In the wonderful courtyard, there is a well surrounded by a paving « en hérisson » (stones raised verticaly) to keep feets dry. An half-timbered galery offers a comfortable passage. Originally, it was made with uncovered bricks. That was a sign of richness (because the material wasn’t local).
In the south-east corner of the property, an original tree « Fatsia Japonica », late blosoming (black  berries in winter). Its dark green leaves are very lobed. This aralia, well known to be an interior plant is here in ground in a protected place.


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Château - Villers-la-Faye
Place de la Mairie
21700 - Villers-la-Faye

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Château - Villers-la-Faye - Villers-la-Faye Château - Villers-la-Faye - Villers-la-Faye Château - Villers-la-Faye - Villers-la-Faye