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Lavoir - Villers-la-Faye

Heritage from Villers-la-Faye

Until 60’s, there was 2 wash-houses in Villers-la-Faye. Only one has been kept, older and more original than the other. It is located at the south entrance of the village, on the road to Magny-les-Villers. This building, made available for inhabitants in 1856 answered to a wish to improve hygiene and conditions of women’s work. It has benne the place of meeting and life during more than a century. So that explain the attachment of the inhabitants to this witness of the past time. It is said that it was a second room of town council.
The wash-house has a wall made with unfrost cut-stone. Originally covered with tiles, it has now shingle roof over the original frame. Originally, the wash-house was supplied by a pound, since 1934, it is supplied by running water.


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Lavoir - Villers-la-Faye
Place de la Mairie
21700 - Villers-la-Faye

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Lavoir - Villers-la-Faye - Villers-la-Faye Lavoir - Villers-la-Faye - Villers-la-Faye