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Place du Cratère

Heritage from Nuits-Saint-Georges

This place is a nod to Felix Tisserand. The Americans are inspired by the work about the universe and the moon of Felix Tisserand for their mission Apollo XV.So we can say that it is partly thanks to Felix Tisserand that Americans will be able to walk on the moon more than a century later.

The name of this place is a memory of the Apollo XV mission that took place in July 1971. The city of Nuits-Saint-Georges is present in the moon ! One crater bears the name of Felix Tisserand and another the name of Saint-Georges. It is in this last crater that the Americans have deposited a wine bottle label of Nuits-Saint-Georges. It was a special vintage dated 1969called "Earth-Moon".


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Place du Cratère
Place d'Argentine
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Place du Cratère - Nuits-Saint-Georges